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Carers: Know Your Rights!

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Carers’ Rights Day 2020 had a theme of ‘Know Your Rights’.

The key rights you have as an Adult Carer or Young Carer are shown above, but here are a few extra details and ideas of who you can contact to get support on your rights.

  • The Equalities Act 2010 means you are protected against discrimination in the workplace for looking after someone who is old or has a disability. For more info, the Carers Wales website and ACAS are worth checking out.

  • Since 2016 in Wales, you have the same rights as people who are cared for.

  • The Local Authority commission Credu to provide information and support to Carers in Powys. Please do get in touch – you will get a warm welcome: 01597 823800/ Credu Carers on Facebook.

  • Your right to an assessment is not affected by how much money you have, but you may be asked to contribute to the cost of your support. You can find some great info on this through Carers UK.

  • For all Adult Carers and Young Carers, you should be involved in all decisions about your support. You can choose to have a friend or family member by your side to help you.

  • Credu can help you look into benefits and link you with benefits advisors or Citizens’ Advice, or you can go directly to them.

  • Conditions for Carers Allowance: