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On this page you will find information about

- New opportunities to join our team

- Volunteering

- We want to

- Our process

- Our Goals for Supporting Volunteers

- Useful Links

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Jobs with us

New Opportunities to Join Our Team 

Thank you for your interest in supporting Carers.


We are not recruiting at the moment but we do regularly advertise new posts, so please check back soon or contact us at:



Volunteer with us

You can make a difference to Young and Adult Carers in a way that suits YOU! 

Download an expression of interest form here

Whether you want to support Young / Adult Carers informally as part of your volunteering with another group or organisation or whether you want to become a volunteer with Credu, there are a huge range of exciting small and big ways you can do your bit to support Young and Adult Carers in your community! 

Examples of roles include: telephone support for Carers, helping out at groups, setting up homework clubs, staffing charity shops, writing in the Carers Chat magazine and much more. We are interested in getting to know YOU: your hobbies, your skills, your passions, your ideas and your life experiences. We believe that every person has a unique outlook and skill set that is valuable to others. We are committed to enabling you to flourish in the role we create together. 

Volunteer roles within the organisation are flexible, allowing you almost complete control over your own hours and workload. We value every second of your time, and you will not be pressured into doing more than you want. Whether you would prefer to provide personalised support or lead large groups, or if you simply want to invite guest speakers to your local group to raise awareness of Carers, Credu can give you any information / training / support to do so. 

"Supporting Carers as a volunteer for Credu isn’t always easy, but is always rewarding. I don’t feel I do very much, talking with or listening to the Carers I support, but I do feel an enormous sense of privilege at being the one that a Carer will choose to share their thoughts, feelings and challenges with. I admire the Carers I support greatly and if my Credu calls help them even just a little bit, then that’s reward enough for me.” – John Raftree, Credu Volunteer 

Credu is laying the groundwork to welcome new volunteers and aid them in their personal and professional journeys. The Wales Council for Voluntary Action has allocated 6 months of funding to Credu, enabling us to recruit, train and support more people to support Carers of all ages through the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. We want people with their own skills and experience to find their individual foothold within the organisation, generating their own ideas and working within their own communities. Anyone with a plan and passion to see it through is welcomed with open arms and given and given full support and training. 

All sessions are free and Credu actively works to make them accessible for all. 

We Want To...

Credu wants to be innovative in the way it recruits and engages with Volunteers.

Credu would like to create a culture within the organisation where Volunteers feel empowered, motivated and have purposeful roles.

Credu would like to reward Volunteers with training and reflection time for self-development

Credu Donations illustration
We want to

Our Process 


  • Volunteers will be asked to fill out a Volunteer Application form which includes a one-page profile.

  • Volunteers working directly with children or vulnerable adults in a supervisory role will need to apply for a DBS check

  • References will be taken - one professional and one personal where possible.

  • Shop work will only require one referee.

  • Basic training may include;

- Initial safeguarding power point followed up by Safeguarding one-day training

-First aid at work

-E -learning data protection

-Manual handling

-Shop specific training

  • Volunteers' details will be stored on our database

  • Each Volunteer will be allocated a Point of Contact within the Credu Team

  • Volunteers will be invited to peer reflection sessions, team meetings and specific project meetings relevant to them.

Our process

Our Goals for Supporting Volunteers

  • Volunteers feel empowered to bring their own strengths to Credu.

  • Volunteers feel connected and valued as part of the wider Credu team.

  • We recognise that each person has strengths and everyone has something to give.

  • We want to enable Volunteers to flourish and grow within our organisation.

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Our Goals

Useful Links 

Download an expression of interest form here

WCVA website for resources

All Wales Volunteer site for advertising posts and searching for Volunteers

Tempo Time Credits to be used for Volunteer roles where appropriate

PAVO, Volunteer bureaus

Eden Project for courses /project ideas for community development

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Useful Links
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