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Support for you

Support for you

If you look help after someone who is unwell or disabled, whether it is a brother/sister/mother/father/gran/grampa or other… we know it can sometimes be tricky to juggle learning with caring.

Many young carers do really well at learning and go on to do things that they enjoy and are passionate about. Others struggle for all sorts of very understandable reasons. We are here to support you with what matters most to you in a way that works for you.

You can: 

  • Chat to your local outreach worker about anything – whether you just want to think aloud with someone who carers or plan any support you might need

  • Ask us to help your school to support you, whilst respecting your privacy and so that you are not seen as “different”.

  • Get a Young Carers ID Card from Credu and chat to your school about your caring responsibilities.

  • Ask your school to contact us

  • Ask us to make a link with your school and help them with a Young Carers policy, teacher training, assemblies and PSHE (personal, Social and Health Education) lessons.

  • Ask us to help set up a regular drop -in sessions in your school if you don’t already have one. 

  • Discuss options around making a plan to continue with your education or work after school whilst juggling caring.


Many young carers tell us that juggling education whilst caring is a challenge. Some Young Carers are home educated, others go to school / further education.


This is what Young Carers Say:

'We look after each other in school'

What parents say:

‘My school has been really

supportive, but i know not all

schools are the same’

‘Megan has grown in confidence so much since she got involved with you, she is doing better at school too!’

What Young Carers Say
Top tips from Young Carers

Top Tips from other Young Carers

More Information

Coming Soon...

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Becoming a school champion for young carers or a mentor for other young carers

Some young carers get training and resources to become a school champion, others become mentors for other Young Carers in their school. If you are interested in either of thes opportunities, or you have other ideas, we would love to hear from you:

Support for schools

Support for schools

The most powerful thing a school can do for Young Carers is recognise and value them as Young People with very important responsibilities.

Recognising Young Carers

Recognising Young Carers can be tricky because every Young Carer is different. Some juggle education with caring responsibilities,

As every Young Carer is very different, the best way of supporting each young carer will emerge from conversations with them and possibly their family too. Credu can help with this if you need it.

Young Carers Action Day every March is a great way to get Awareness Raising and Valuing Young Carers in the school calendar (raising funds for local Young Carers through Credu) would be amazing.

Credu supports schools to support Young Carers in various ways

  • Help to recognise and support Young Carers

  • To refer a Young Carer

  • An awareness raising assembly / lesson

  • Teachers training on supporting young carers

  • Posters / information display for Young Carers

  • Help to set up a Young Carers ‘drop in’

Here are some resources:

Carers Trust Cymru Resources for Teaching Professionals to Support Young Carers in Schools and Colleges - Resources - Carers Trust

Here is a draft Young Carers Policy for your school:

Support for home educators

Support for home educators

If you are educating your children at home and think that they might be a Young Carer because someone in your family, or a close friend is ill or disabled in any way, you are welcome to get in touch.


Whether you just want to talk to someone one about ideas or worries that you have, or if would like to find out more about potential support for your family, we would love to hear from you!

Young Carers Holding Hands illustration
Useful Links

Useful links

Check out this link from the Children's Society about coping in school.

Each institution will have its own resources and sources of help.

Student Services at the chosen college/ university is a good place to start.
Aberystwyth University
Bangor University
Cardiff University
Cardiff Metropolitan University
Swansea University
University of Wales, Trinity St David
University of South Wales
NPTC Group

The UCAS website has tips for carers looking to apply for university.

It includes tips for carers who want to go to university including a page for carers on how to write
a Personal Statement

Support for Education Service Providers
Carers Trust produces a range of resources for services that support Young Carers in school
and Young Adult / Adult Carers in Further and Higher Education.

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