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When Caring Changes
or Ends

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Your caring role may change or end over time. Change can be difficult for everyone and we are here to help you navigate your way to what happens next. 


  • Maybe the person you care for may have recovered and no longer needs care

  • Maybe the person you have been caring for may need to go to hospital. 

  • Maybe someone we didn’t expect to need care has to transition from hospital to home.

  • Maybe the person you care for can no longer be cared for at home or may have died. 

We can go to hospital in many different situations. Sometimes these are planned, sometimes it is an emergency. On leaving hospital you may be provided with a care plan if you or the person you care for requires ongoing support. Sometimes when you leave hospital you may be contacted by the council’s Reablement Team. The Reablement Team will include an Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, and trained support workers. Once you've been referred, they will contact you to make an appointment for someone from the team to visit you and do an assessment. The assessment can include family members if you wish, and will set out exactly what you (and person you care for?) want to be able to do and how the team can help you. They will usually work with you for between two to six weeks. Before they finish, they will plan any further help you need and make sure it is set up. For more information about Powys Reablement Team see,

Sometimes the person you care for may wish or need to consider a move to a care home. This is a very hard decision for both emotional and practical reasons. Sometimes there may be other accommodation options to consider such as shared lives or sheltered accommodation. If this also sounds like it is too difficult, consider if your needs can be met in another way for example, could your home be adapted or could you have a daily package of care and support? You can talk through this with either Credu or Age Cymru Powys. You can find helpful information from Age Cymru at:

To find a care home in Powys you can search at and talk to:


Help with Finding a Care Home

It is important that you choose a care home that meets the needs of the person you look after. They are entitled to an assessment to find out exactly what their needs are and whether their care is going to be state funded or paid for privately.

Even if you will be paying privately it is useful to have an assessment of your needs if there is a chance that you might need to seek funding from the council in the future.


To ask for an assessment, check eligibility and discuss costs contact

ASSIST on 0345 602 7050


The Age Cymru factsheet, ‘Finding care home accommodation in Wales’, is a detailed resource containing the following information:

  • Making a decision about going into a home.

  • A range of questions to ask and issues to consider when choosing a home.

  • Financial considerations when choosing a care home.

  • Problems and complaints.


Age Cymru produces a number of other factsheets on care homes that may be useful to look at. These include:


The Carer UK website also has a lot of information about:

  • Residential care

  • End of life planning

  • Bereavement

  • Life after caring



There are other organisations that you may want to talk to about your situation.

Here are some:

Community Connectors

There are 12 Community Connectors across Powys. Connectors help people (aged 18+) and their families or Carers to access community-level services and activities to help them to maintain independent lives.

Powys Social Services

There are several different ways you can contact Powys County Council Social Services.


Adults in Powys can contact the council through ASSIST.

The ASSIST team provide information and advice on a wide range of support for people in Powys who are aged 18 or over. 

Telephone: 0345 6027050


Other Social Service Contacts

Adult Services

Children’s Services

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