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Emergency Planning

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Carers often worry about what would happen to the person(s) they support if they were unable to continue providing care for any reason. Having an emergency plan helps give peace of mind.


You may have a clear idea what you would do in an emergency and who else would help, whether friends / relatives or professionals.


However, this can sometimes be tricky , so please don’t hesitate to call us if you want help to think through your plan.

You can also:

  • Get an ‘Emergency Card’ from us.  This will enable you to register your emergency plan and key contacts with a 24 hour service. You will be able to carry a card with the scheme's telephone number and a unique identification number. If the scheme is contacted in an emergency they will be able to make the necessary phone calls (personal or professional, or both) to make sure that the person you care for is looked after. Just having this card, gives many Carers extra peace of mind. To get a card you can call us on 01592 823899 or email:, or download the form and either e-mail or send FREEPOST CREDU to Marlow, South Crescent, Llandrindod Wells, LD1 5DH

  • Get a Lion’s ‘Message in a Bottle’ by e-mailing or calling us or asking your doctors surgery or pharmacy. This gives you the opportunity to put medical information in the fridge of the home of yours or the person you care for. Emergency services will pick it up if you or the person you care for is ill. This link tells you more about how the scheme works Lions District 105SC - (

  • Check out Carers UK:  webpage on Planning for emergencies - Carers UK

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