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The power of love, friendship and kindness

In our February questionnaire we asked Carers questions around Love, friendship and kindness.


"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is how to love and be loved in return."

In 3 words, what does love mean for you? 


sense of connection


Security trust limitless


friendship caring pleasure


Kindness, care, empathy


Home Safety Acceptance


Acceptance respect support


To care


Unconditional, happy, wanted


Love my babies


Kindness, loyalty, generosity


Caring, support, belonging


Trust, understand, support


Caring honest trustworthy


Someone to care


Bond trust honest


deep-connection, kindness, support


We gave Carers a few ideas for 'random acts of kindness' and asked is there one you'd like to commit to doing, or one you'd like to let someone else do for you, so you can also experience receiving kindness? these were our top results

Most popular was Reach out to someone who is having a tough time

Second most popular was Be an active listener when in the company of others

Joint third most popular was Look in the mirror and say 3 positive things about yourself and Be kind to people in the service industry

What sort of activities or interests do you connect with your friends over? 

·       Shared life experiences

·       interests, lunches, shopping

·       Meals, walking

·       Being outside walking and swimming or chatting and hanging out and eating good food

·       Supporting other carers, common problems , shared learning - with other group fun social activities

·       None

·       Coffee, chats, groups

·       Soft play and coffee with kids

·       Dogs, children with ALN, nature

·       Walking, reading, caring

·       Having the same taste in music, having the same humour, enjoy going for walks together and just generally hanging out

·       Talking

·       Gaming

·       Playing online games

·       Don’t have any I’m too busy caring for someone

·       exercise, walks, sea swimming, roller skating, paddle boarding,



Do you have any quotes on this theme that you'd like to share?

Love doesn't always needs words and the smallest of gestures are often to most appreciated to show someone you care. Consistently doing something small rather than a grand one off gesture is often more heart felt and needed.



Treat everyone as you would like to be treated



Be kind! You don't know how many hours of Peppa Pig they've had to endure today!!



An act of kindness, however small, can make someones day.



When you hit rock bottom there's only one way up


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