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  • Steve Gladwin

A Writer’s Fun Kit

Hello everyone. My name is Steve Gladwin and I’ve been running courses in writing for Credu for over a year now and we’ve just started a new evening book club. I’ve been writing seriously since 2012 and my book for Young Adults, ‘The Seven’- based in and around Meifod, where I live - was short listed for the Tir na nOg Prize in 2014. I’ve never had an agent, but I get a great deal of support from being a member of the Scattered Authors Society of children’s writers, (the alternative SAS!) I have attended three of their yearly retreats and have written a monthly blog for them since 2015. From lockdown onwards I have been working on a very different book called ‘Land in Mind’, which is currently being pledged by the excellent ‘Unbound Publishing’, something which is explained elsewhere in this magazine.

So, without any more ado, here is Part One of my Writer’s Fun Kit. Do read on!

The Questions Writers Get Asked Most

Well, there are at least four, (probably more), but as the answer to ‘how much do writers get paid’, would be for me to burst out in laughter or tears, let’s just leave that one, shall we?