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Our Future Focus consultation

What hopes and concerns do you have for the Future?

When we held our Credu family Day in Ty Pawb, Wrexham on Saturday 24th July for Young Carers and their families and asked them this question we discovered that many of them struggled to answer it. They could not see beyond their current challenges, health needs or next stages of education.

When we asked parents if they had thought about what the future would look like for their children when they were thinking about having children a few said it was too overwhelming and they couldn’t go there. One person felt they wouldn’t have had children if they had thought in those terms.

One parent felt her daughter was really resilient and had learnt to be through caring.

Only one parent discussed the existential threat to the environment. His concern was would there be enough clean water?

The ages who engaged ranged from 12yrs to 60 yrs and we spoke to approx. 25 people who represented someone from their family attending (approx. 60 attended).

When we asked them if they had heard of the Future Well-being Act or Future Well-being Commissioner only one person had.

The participants at the Pride Picnic on Sunday 2nd July in Llanfyllin were understandably more focussed on a future where people could be their true selves and express themselves without fear of judgement.

Approximately 15 people came to engage with our stall meaningfully and approx. 75 people attended the event.

These notes were left on our trees of hope at the family day in Ty Pawb:

I would like a safer and more tolerant world

I would like more things to do for kids

More play areas created

More affordable houses

I am worried about the erosion of the arts

I hope for a better environment for my future children and grandchildren

I hope for a better education system

I hope for a lower basic cost of living

I hope there are better, more rewarding jobs

I want everyone to be able to read

I hope that all care and support is accessible, free and that it is common knowledge to know what care is available

I am afraid that the arts and creativity will be squished by the political-corporate alliance

I hope that everything will be more inclusive for all abilities

I hope the world will be more peaceful

I hope people can be their unique selves

I hope for equal opportunities regardless of wealth

I hope children and young people will know where to go for support in the future

I wish Young Carers were more recognised by people in power in the future

I hope for a positive change to mental health access and support

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