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Meltem - 'I Care'

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

For Carers Week 2022, a group of incredible Young and Adult Carers from across Powys have generously shared their experiences of Caring and some of the joys and challenges they have faced.

Meltem is an amazing Carer and Volunteer from Builth Wells who has been a Carer for most of her life. She has shared her story with us to help other people who are coping with grief and challenges in life realise they are not alone.

Here are some quotes from Meltem's story:

  • “I saw pain in her eyes.”

  • “I have had a caring role twice.”

  • “I have noticed people only need someone to listen to them”

  • “We had a car accident in Turkey when I was 5, my mum and dad were injured badly. They stayed 2 years in the hospital.”