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It's Young Carers Action Day 2021!

Young Carers Action Day is an annual campaign run by Carers Trust to ‘support Young and Young Adult Carers to realise their education, ambitions and future career dreams’. The day is about helping to raise awareness of the incredible contributions made by Young Carers daily for their families and communities!

One in twelve children becomes a Young Carer at some point during childhood (BBC, 2010). There are young, unsung heroes in every neighbourhood. Without support, so many do not achieve their potential in school and can become isolated. Such young people gain so many additional skills as a result of their caring role and with the right support, Young Carers can also thrive!

Who Is a Young Carer?

Every Young Carer and every family is different. Young carers do many things that other young people might not usually do, such as:

  • Talking to someone who is distressed and helping them communicate.

  • Helping get someone out of bed and dressed.

  • Collecting prescriptions and giving out medicines.

  • Managing the family budget.

  • Cooking, housework and shopping.

Many Young Carers remain hidden and may not feel fully supported…