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It's Young Carers Action Day 2021!

Young Carers Action Day is an annual campaign run by Carers Trust to ‘support Young and Young Adult Carers to realise their education, ambitions and future career dreams’. The day is about helping to raise awareness of the incredible contributions made by Young Carers daily for their families and communities!

One in twelve children becomes a Young Carer at some point during childhood (BBC, 2010). There are young, unsung heroes in every neighbourhood. Without support, so many do not achieve their potential in school and can become isolated. Such young people gain so many additional skills as a result of their caring role and with the right support, Young Carers can also thrive!

Who Is a Young Carer?

Every Young Carer and every family is different. Young carers do many things that other young people might not usually do, such as:

  • Talking to someone who is distressed and helping them communicate.

  • Helping get someone out of bed and dressed.

  • Collecting prescriptions and giving out medicines.

  • Managing the family budget.

  • Cooking, housework and shopping.

Many Young Carers remain hidden and may not feel fully supported…

Credu works alongside Carers of all ages in Powys in the ways that matter to them. For Young Carers, this can include anything from groups and events to catch ups with an Outreach Worker to practical support to achieve their goals and dreams or any other kind of support they might need.

Credu runs regular groups and events where Young Carers can chill out and support each other, from gaming streams to homework clubs! These are all happening online at the moment, but groups will restart in person as soon as restrictions allow.

I feel that other Young Carers know where I’m coming from which means I can always be myself at the group. - Powys Young Carer

In Powys, Young Carers play a massive part across Credu, from representing the Carers’ movement to shaping projects for Carers, influencing policy in the Senedd and co-creating the Carers Chat magazine!

Young Carer Champions regularly come together to influence how we reach more Carers in our communities…

Seeing that Young Carers sometimes need practical support with their caring roles, Credu has re-launched their ‘iCare Card’ and launched their brand new ‘Young Carers Card’ in North Wales (in partnership with Newcis and Action for Children).

The Young Carers Card launch is being supported by Wrexham AFC, who are dedicating their game today to Young Carers! All proceeds from the streaming will be dedicated to Young Carers and the club manager and football players are meeting up with Young Carers and raising awareness of the amazing work that they do.

The iCare Card and Young Carers Card act as a form of ID for Carers which can be massively important, especially right now when travel is restricted. They can also support Carers to get discounts and other benefits they deserve!

Please get in touch for a warm welcome: 01597 823800 /

Or you can visit us on:

Facebook: @creducarers

Twitter: @CreduCarers

Instagram: @creduconnectingcarers_

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Credu Eve
Credu Eve
Mar 16, 2021

Happy Young Carers Action Day!

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