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Carers Rights Day: 23rd November 2023

Your rights: today, tomorrow and in the future

Young and Adult Carers across Wales are entitled to important rights through legislation such as the UNCRC and the Social Services and Wellbeing Act (2014). Carers and Credu are working together to raise awareness of these rights and entitlements to help Carers get the support they need.

One key right for Young and Adult Carers in Wales is the Right to a Needs Assessment. We asked a focus group of Carers of all ages if they were aware of this. Our results tell us that, although the majority of these Carers are aware of their right to an assessment, on the whole Carers Needs Assessments are not yet leading to successful outcomes.

Young and Adult Carers say they feel the greatest sense of worth when their voices are heard in safe and open conversations that create a future that is right for them and their families.

  • Being a Young Carer can be challenging and they may need encouragement or practical support to take time out for themselves.

  • Young Carers should be equal partners in the creation of policy and services that affect them.

  • Young Carers can learn transferable skills by caring which could be recognised and developed

  • Young Carers might need support with their rights and the rights of their family members

Carers told us what other rights they would like to be entitled to this Carers Rights Day:

Credu supports Young and Adult Carers across Powys, as well as Carers of all ages in Ceredigion, and Young Carers in Wrexham, Conwy, and Denbighshire, in the ways that matter to them. This can include listening to enable you to work through challenges and find ways forward, practical information, emotional support, online and offline groups, and small grants to help you balance life and caring.

Join a community of like-minded, passionate carers today.

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