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Calling all Carers.

Credu need you for a Book Club

Credu are starting something new just before Christmas. They are starting a Book Club and they need you to join them on Zoom. Starting on Thur 16th 2pm-3pm

What is your favourite book?

Who’s your favourite writer?

Do you prefer fact or fiction?

What are your Children reading?

Do you prefer a book, a Kindle or an audio book?

These are all great questions and great things to think about and answer. I can think of so many questions that could be asked and answered at a book club none of which are stuffy or pretentious.

I personally love books for so many reasons. They can transport us to new Worlds where we can meet new people. We can experience new, thrilling activities, like rock climbing and sailing just by turning the pages. One of the greatest things about books these days are that they are accessible to everyone thanks to technology. I am old school and love the smell of new books and the feel of turning the pages although, I am equally happy in a second hand book shop. I have never used a Kindle but am fully aware of how useful one could be to someone with limited mobility or limited space. (My house has books in every room). As for Audio books, how great are these for everyone never mind those with poor sight. Audio books can transport us back to our childhood and stories that are read to us at bedtime. Equally, they can be used to entertain children or the infirm instead of the TV, phones, tablets and laptops, reducing visual stimulation and the need to be active all the time, thus reducing stress.

Books make us stop! Books make us learn! Books make us look! Books make us dream!

What do Books do for you?

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