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Welcome to Credu in Powys

We Believe in Young & Adult Carers

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Do you look after someone who is unwell or has a disability?

We are here for you. You can contact us, you’ll get a warm welcome whether for a quick query or for support.

Credu works to support family members and friends across Powys who are looking after someone who is unwell or disabled. 

Our Phone Line is open Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm.

01597 823800

Send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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Credu also offers support to Young Carers in Wrexham, Conwy & Denbighshire (through WCD Young Carers)

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and Carers of all ages in Ceredigion (through Gofalwyr Ceredigion Carers). 

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Support for You

Credu is here to support and listen to you about what matters most to you; we are here to provide you with support because you matter too. Our support is completely flexible around what you need and what works best for you: 

Things carers discuss with outreach workers is wide and varied but includes:

  • Juggling caring with school or work

  • Offloading the emotional impact of caring through confidential listening and support or counselling

  • Practical solutions to everyday challenges

  • Looking after yourself

  • Having a life outside of caring and providing opportunities to connect with and meet other people with caring responsibilities

  • Understanding the needs of the person you care for

  • Information and resources regarding finances and benefits as well as getting support and accessing services

  • Running friendly and welcoming young and adult carers groups

  • Coordinating activities and trips for young carers, adult carers and for the whole family too!

  • Training opportunities

  • Volunteering and work experience opportunities

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‘Thankyou, I've found such positive empowering support in Credu!

Credu’s commitment to carers has been life changing.

Giving us a voice, a platform, a purpose to dare to look forward and believe again in ourselves… a cuppa, a chat, a friendly ear, some support, positive direction, a platform to services, wonderful therapeutic sessions... I no longer feel like I'm a tick box problem,

I feel like Hayley again...’

Young Carers / Young Adult Carers

A young carer is someone who supports or helps to look after someone with a disability or someone who is unwell. 

We have a friendly team at Credu that is there to provide you with information and guidance, to support you, to offer to represent you or speak on your behalf if you need help (for example with school) or to just listen to you and understand your situation. 

We understand how challenging it can be to support someone  whilst  juggling so many changes in your life such school /friends / a social life, and just  how important it is to have someone that you can reach out to to talk to or go to for help or advice.

We also organise support groups and activities and can connect you with other young carers who are in similar situations.

Credu is here for you and will work with you to provide you with exactly the support that you need and want.  


 Adult Carers

Are you an adult who looks after someone?


When you look after your child / spouse / parent or other relative / friend who is unwell or disabled… it can be both rewarding and challenging

Credu is here to support you and offer practical and/ or emotional support. 

Our support is completely flexible around what you need and what works best for you.

Maybe you need someone to be a voice for you, or you need advice on a certain subject, maybe you just want to have a coffee and a chat, get in touch our support is entirely flexible and is centred around what works best for you and what you tell us you need. 

We also organise various support groups / activities that you are welcome to join and connect with other carers in. 

We are here for you and to offer you a level of support that you are comfortable with. You can contact us, you’ll get a warm welcome 

“What Credu does… is LIFE CHANGING!” - Ceri Herbert

Getting introduced to support

Click here for referral and self referral forms


Do you know about ...

Powys iCare Card / Young Carers Card 

iCare Logo

Would a card that identifies you as a Carer or a young carer help you?

If so, the Powys iCare card may be for you. 

Carers often have to:

  • Pick up prescriptions for the person they care for

  • Collect additional food for their loved ones

  • Make essential trips, just like paid care workers

The ID could ensure you get priority treatment in shops and pharmacies.

If you would like to apply for an iCare Card, contact / 01597 823800.

Latest News

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Credu Magazine

Charity Shops & Carers Hubs

Did you know we have a Charity Shop with Carers Hubs in Machynlleth?

Click on the map below for details and more information. 

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Carers Emergency Card

The Carers’ Emergency Card has been developed by Carers Wales as a reassurance that, should an emergency or accident happen, it will let emergency workers and others know that someone relies on you as a carer. The card provides spaces for emergency contacts, for example family or friends who can help.


Jointly combines group messaging and to-do lists with other useful features, including medication lists calendar and more.

 Find out more at:

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