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WCD Young Carers

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Are You A WCD Young Carer?

You are a WCD Young Carer if you live in Wrexham, Conwy or Denbighshire, are 18 or under, and help look after someone who is unwell or disabled. This could be a parent / brother / sister or other relative. Some young carers help with cooking / cleaning / dressing; some help comfort the person they look after, and help make them feel better. Sometimes it can feel so great to help another person, sometimes it can be worrying and a struggle to juggle school and having fun with caring. It can sometimes feel a bit isolating.


At WCD Young Carers we believe in you. We think all young carers are amazing. We want you to get the most out of life and we’d love to support you and your family with what is important to you in a way that works for you.


Examples of support we give :

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Practical Information

One to one support / having someone there to listen

Fun Young Carer / family groups and trips

‘Build the life you want’ workshops

Raising awareness and support in schools / communities

Peer mentors

Young Carers ID Cards

Do you help look after someone in your family

Then you matter too!

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Credu (which is pronounced ‘cre-dee’) means believe in Welsh.


We have been supporting carers since 2003.

We believe in people: their skills, abilities and talents, and the resilience they display in everyday life.

We believe in the invaluable contributions carers make to their loved ones and their communities.

We believe carers of all ages deserve to thrive and be able to get the most out of life.

We believe no-one needs to do this on their own.

We believe in supporting carers by connecting them with whatever they need to live to their full potential.

Find out more about the Jointly Carers App here 

Young Carers


*Young Carers Rights
*Useful Contacts 
WCD Young Carers
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Whats Happening

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LunchTime Club

Meet on Zoom 

Every Wednesday 12pm

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Senior Zoom

Meet on Zoom 

Every other Tuesday 

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Primary Zoom

Meet on Zoom 

Every other 


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Our work can help you or the people you support.

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Get Involved

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You can make a difference to Young Carers in a way that suits YOU!

96% of children reviewed per quarter are reporting improved emotional / mental wellbeing and resilience.

Of the 249 survey respondents in the last year, 87% felt that WCD had supported them to do better at school

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Young Carers helps me cuz I get to have free time to myself and have a laugh with people its also made me a lot happier and is helping with my depression. 

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Meet The Team

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For our teams across WCD:

For the WCD Young Carers (North Wales) team, you can send a message via the form below, or contact the main office on: 01597 823800 our email is:

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