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Foxes Afloat! A great find to fill some time!

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

I was not expecting to be writing a blog tonight but I feel so inspired by these guys that I felt it would be a great way to finish 2021 and hopeful inspire many of you in 2022. I came a cross these fellas by accident, after watching a Vlog on You Tube by some other people who live on a canal boat walking the Montgomery Canal.

Waterways of any kind have fascinate me for a long time and I have holidayed on both the Norfolk Broads and much of the Canal network in the late 1970s when they were controlled by British Waterways. I have always thought how lovely it would be to live on a boat that could move up and down the Canals as there is so much to see. These guys have done just that. They sold everything, had a boat built and moved onto it with the hopes of improving their mental health.

As usual I never start these things at the beginning and watched a number of episodes in random order. The guy narrating was amusing as well as informative, with a voice that doesn't get on your nerves and I got hooked! The filming and photography is great and it is their pictures I am using for this blog. Then all of a sudden I found myself watching a very different episode .