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Respite Project - Time Away.

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

With Credu providing help, Mandy, Polly and the rest of their family were able to go to Butlins with paid support for them all to have a much needed holiday at Christmas time in 2019. The thought of taking some family time away without Polly was heart breaking but with Polly having such complex needs, and so few people trained to deliver her care it felt impossible. However, Credu was able to find a perfect solution for the family to be able to go away together with enough people to also provide care for Polly.

Since the holiday, Credu have also agreed to supply a transportable holiday bed for the family which makes it more possible to access holiday accommodation in the future. As well as the obvious benefits of taking a holiday as a family, Mandy also now feels equipped to challenge holiday companies such as Butlins and Haven, about their accessibility provision and encourage them to broaden the provision available for families with additional needs.

This support from Credu has also made a massive difference to the wellbeing of Mandy and her family in the long term.

“Because of Credu’s support not only did I get a warm fuzzy feeling when we were able to go to Butlins but we also met another family there who are used to living in similar circumstances and run a charity to support families living with undiagnosed conditions. The only way Credu could have helped me more is that sometimes when you have a child with complex needs it is hard to know what help could look like, it would have been good to be given examples of other kinds of help available.”

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