Respite and Keeping Well

What Helps You Carry On Caring?

Our Creative Respite Project has helped some families to think about what are the ways that would help their Caring role manageable, to have a meaningful break and a manageable caring role.

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Even in Lockdown, Carers and Young Carers have thought of ways that they think would really help.

Sometimes it can be something really small and short time – time for a walk, a bubble bath, a book.

Sometimes its come in the form of connections with others, friends, family and other Carers.

In covid, some of these have been on the phone or on a tablet or computer.

Sometimes its keeping the cared for person or other dependents entertained for some time.

Sometimes its enjoying an activity perhaps just for themselves or with their loved ones together.


Sometimes its a piece of equipment that can last for years

Sometimes its learning something new

Sometimes its having someone to help out with tasks to lighten the load.

Sometimes its replacement care and/or support so you can do something else.

Sometimes it has been booking a break or holiday, together or apart, something to look forward to.

Everytime its something that works for you

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Be imaginative – its about what would make a difference to you and your family to have a life alongside caring. We want to make the most of the time left and funds available to make a difference!

If you need a little help to get the support to that’s where the Respite Project, funded by the Powys Regional Partnership’s Carers Steering Group have come in, funding Credu to help with either with information, contacts or some money from the Respite Fund.

The support is available to Carers of all ages, Young Carers, Adult Carers & Parent Carers across Powys. For individual families, groups and creating pilot services for Carers.

Please let us know what Credu can do to help with Respite for you & your family for the remainder of project, which is due to finish in March 2022.

So have a think or give us a call if you’re not sure where to start 01597 823800 or email

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