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Mother Carer

Credu (which is pronounced ‘cre-dee’) means believe in Welsh.

We have been supporting carers since 2003.

We believe in people: their skills, abilities and talents, and the resilience they display in everyday life.

We believe in the invaluable contributions carers make to their loved ones and their communities.

We believe carers of all ages deserve to thrive and be able to get the most out of life.

We believe no-one needs to do this on their own.

We believe in supporting carers by connecting them with whatever they need to live to their full potential.

Am I a Carer?

If you look after a family member of friend who is unwell or disabled, then you are a Carer. This might be your child / spouse / parent or other relative / friend. Carers are important to families and communities, which can be both rewarding and challenging in all sorts of ways, both practical and emotional.


At Credu we believe in you. We think Carers are amazing. We love to listen to you and support you with what is important to you in a way that works for you, whether you just need some basic information or if you want to work through some complicated challenges.


Support we can offer :

Practical Information

Emotional Support

Peer support

Access to counselling /  therapy

Adult Carers groups and activities

Short Breaks / respite

Do you look after someone with a health condition and / or disability?

Then you matter too!

Ceredigion Council Carers Information Service

Find out more about the Jointly Carers App here 

Young Carers


* Ceredigion Young Carer Card

* Action for Children Ceredigion Young Carers Service - The service offers one to one support to children and young people between ages of 8 and 25. Telephone: 01437 761330

Adult Carers


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Tuesday Singing for Fun

Would you like to do some singing for fun? With others but in your home.

Adult Craft Group

This is an online craft group run every Friday!

Welsh Carers Group 

Join Sue Lee from Gofalwyr Ceredigion every other Wednesday at 2pm to meet other Carers and have a chat!

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Latest Blog from Ceredigion

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Get Involved

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You can make a difference to Adult Carers in a way that suits YOU!

I know I can just grumble, grumble grumble about things, but at the groups someone is actually listening and caring

-Ceredigion Carer

Meet The Team

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For our teams across Ceredigion:

For the Ceredigion Carers team, you can send a message via the form below, or contact the main office on: 03330 143377 our email is: ceredigion@credu.cymru

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